why browse if you can message ?

💬 If only you could message a 'trusted and savvy friend' who is a local expert in EVERY PLACE you intend to explore. She could tell you the pizza trucks popping up nearby today, the farmers' markets that take place this Saturday, the heritage museums in the local neighbourhood, the techno festivals coming up in May and the local balloon clowns and food trucks you could hire for your party. 

Now you can via chatting with the website, Facebook Messenger and Innstagram. 

🫱🏼 Let me be your 'virtual, local concierge'; click on the chat bubble at the bottom right to discover local 'gems'. When you start visiting and patronising them, you will help to revitalise local communities at the same time.

🆓 Consumers can visit and use @dm2find for FREE. Small Businesses and organizers can list their company profiles and events for FREE. 💲Publishing schedules and/or booking/ticketing links to events comes as a premium service.

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Virtual Assistants will become more dominant than websites in 3 years

💗 I love to explore places and experience everything local, yet all over the world 📍: street food, festivals, markets, museums, nature and more. 

😥 To my surprise I experienced that it is hard to find what is happening where and when. I started browsing websites, social pages and maps. Then my phone got cluttered with lots of apps I hardly use.

💡 As there had to be a better way to access volatile data about local events & markets, especially from a phone, I decided to bundle it in a single source myself.

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